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Hi Bruce,

Yes that looks like a good opportunity - I'll see how the IWG wants to take things forward.

I was at the EGU in Vienna last week giving a couple of papers on GeoSciML/OneGeology and there was quite a bit of interest there too - the whole 'standards based' approach seems to be gaining ground.


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Subject: [Auscope-geosciml] CODATA GeoSciML paper

The CGI report from John Broome on the CODATA Conference contained the following observation:

GeoSciML extension interest.
The extensible design of the CGI-endorsed GeoSciML generated interest from other geoscience groups, most notably  the IUGG.  A paper on GeoSciML and its potential to be extended for use for other data types was invited by the “Data Science Journal”.

This looks like an excellent  opportunity to promote GeoSciML to a much wider audience.  Perhaps something for the IWG to consider?

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