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That's right, Eric.  You can't implement gsml:metadata in GeoSciML v2 as far as I am aware.  Gsml:metadata is there waiting for GeoSciML to be GML 3.2 compliant (ie, in GeoSciML v3).


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>From what I remember, there are no gsml:metadata instance example because as long as GeoSciML is based on GML 3.1, we can't include metadata inline because the latter in based on GML 3.2.  both version of GML share the same namespace and therefore can't be mixed (because they are essentially declaring the same classes).

This shall change with GeoSciML 3 which will be based on GML 3.2

Did I get this correctly, anyone ?


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Objet : [Auscope-geosciml] How to use gsml:Metadata elements?
I've been working on using the new GeoServer complex-feature functionality to provide a GeoSciML WFS from a NCGMP09 PostGIS backend database (http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Info/standards/NCGMP09/). I think it's going pretty well, but I'm wondering how to deal with feature-level metadata.

It seems that there are two options for most featuretypes: gml:metaDataProperty and gsml:metadata. Looking through the instances in the svn trunk, there are only a few examples where I saw gml:metaDataProperty list a reference to an external, stand-alone XML document, and I don't think there were any examples that actually used the gsml:metadata element.

My backend data captures simply a name and a description for feature-level metadata. Any suggestions about how/what this should look like in a GeoSciML document?


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