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Incorrect - GML 3.2 has a different namespace to GML 3.1, so you can mix
them in the same document. 

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>That's right, Eric.  You can't implement gsml:metadata in GeoSciML v2 as
>far as I am aware.  Gsml:metadata is there waiting for GeoSciML to be GML
>3.2 compliant (ie, in GeoSciML v3).
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>From what I remember, there are no gsml:metadata instance example because
>as long as GeoSciML is based on GML 3.1, we can't include metadata inline
>because the latter in based on GML 3.2.  both version of GML share the
>namespace and therefore can't be mixed (because they are essentially declaring
>the same classes).
>This shall change with GeoSciML 3 which will be based on GML 3.2
>Did I get this correctly, anyone ?
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>Date: ven. 2009-07-31 14:25
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>Objet : [Auscope-geosciml] How to use gsml:Metadata elements?
>I've been working on using the new GeoServer complex-feature functionality
>to provide a GeoSciML WFS from a NCGMP09 PostGIS backend database (http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Info/standards/NCGMP09/).
>I think it's going pretty well, but I'm wondering how to deal with feature-level
>It seems that there are two options for most featuretypes: gml:metaDataProperty
>and gsml:metadata. Looking through the instances in the svn trunk, there
>are only a few examples where I saw gml:metaDataProperty list a reference
>to an external, stand-alone XML document, and I don't think there were
>examples that actually used the gsml:metadata element.
>My backend data captures simply a name and a description for feature-level
>metadata. Any suggestions about how/what this should look like in a GeoSciML
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