[Auscope-geosciml] Fault movements

Laxton, John L jll at bgs.ac.uk
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I think in Quebec we should have another think about the movementSense and movementType properties of DisplacementValue. I've had another look at the Fault Movement Type and Fault Movement Sense vocabularies and I don't think at present these are working as discrete complementary properties or as means of 'typing' faults (as per previous discussions). For example in the Fault Movement Type vocabulary we have 'strike slip' and in the Fault Movement Sense vocabulary we have 'dextral' and 'sinistral' which imply strike slip. This has led the OneGeology-Europe team to propose typing faults through the use of a selection of (individual) terms drawn from both these vocabularies, which is pretty messy. 

I think that we need a field for typing faults (eg normal, reverse, thrust etc) as ControlledConcepts, and possibly movementType and movementSense fields to qualify the fault type (providing information not implicit in the fault type definition). At present however we seem to have a mish-mash of fault type and movement descriptors spread through both vocabularies.


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