[Auscope-geosciml] GeologicUnit composition, geologicHistory in Geoserver

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This pattern - each property-element can only contain one Object-element -
is a consequence of the UML-XMl encoding rule defined for GML Application
schemas. You should not be tempted to manually tweak the XML schema - it is
automaticaly generated using the rule. Occassionally that might make the XML
more verbose than a hand-crafted schema, but in general we believe that the
regularity more than outweighs this consideration. 

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I'm still working with Geoserver to get a GeoSciML WFS set up. I've run into
something that confuses me a bit in the GeologicUnit featuretype. From what
I can understand looking at the schema, it looks like it would be valid for
me to list multiple <composition>s under a <GeologicUnit>, each with a
single <CompositionPart> element. Similarly, it looks like it would be valid
to list multiple <geologicHistory>s, each with a single <GeologicEvent>.
>From my understanding of the app-schema Geoserver extension, it is also
easier to do it this way. I also see a few instance documents that put
things together like this.

However it doesn't really make sense to me conceptually, and it seems like
it would be more sensible to have just one <geologicHistory> containing
multiple <GeologicEvent>s, or one <composition> with multiple
<ComnpositionPart>s. Perhaps either way is valid?  I'm not sure if Geoserver
is even capable of putting together a document following the latter option.
Has anyone implemented this?


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