[Auscope-geosciml] FOSS meeting / MapServer and INSPIRE Data specification

Ben Caradoc-Davies Ben.Caradoc-Davies at csiro.au
Sun Oct 4 22:33:11 EDT 2009

On 02/10/09 23:54, percy wrote:
> Looks like a good opportunity to ask for the complex feature types
> needed by GeoSciML.
> I assume that some of the Australians are going?

I will be attending FOSS4G. Jody Garnett is an organiser. (So is Bruce 
Bannerman, formerly GSV, now Bureau of Met;  he is no longer an 
GeoSciML-interested party as far as I know.)

Many key international GeoServer developers will be there. The deegree 
crew are *not* coming as they are trying to get deegree 3 out the door.

There will be a GeoServer users Birds of a Feather.

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