[Auscope-geosciml] Proposed GeologicSpecimen amendments following Quebec [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au
Tue Oct 6 22:25:49 EDT 2009

Hi Gilly et al,

Following discussions at Quebec, there are a few issues to be addressed with the proposed GeologicSpecimen model - mostly they concern the use of existing generic O&M/Sampling elements.  I have attached a class diagram with notes which summarises the points below.

1.  GeologicSpecimen should be a specialisation of sa:LocatedSpecimen.

2.  If GeologicSpecimen was a specialisation of LocatedSpecimen, it would inherit the materialClass property from sa:Specimen, so there is no need for a new GeologicSpecimen/materialClass property.

3.  sa:LocatedSpecimen/materialClass is a GenericName (effectively ScopedName) which means we can control it with a controlled vocabulary, so there is no need for the GeologicSpecimen/materialClass/materialClassCode codelist.

In the absence of any scope notes, there is a lack of clarity as to exactly what sa:materialClass means.  I prefer that it describes strictly only the type of earth material that is being sampled (eg; whole rock, mineral, glass, groundmass, sediment, restite, solid inclusion, fluid inclusion, melt inclusion, pore water, surface water, vapour, etc).

Then we can use a new property, called GeologicSpecimenType, to describe the gamut of specialised geological specimen types (eg: outcrop specimen, float specimen, drill core, rock chips, drilling mud, dredge sample, thin section, powder, mineral separate, mineral grain, mineral grain mount, probe burn spot, etc)

4.  There was a little confusion at Quebec as to exactly what you meant by ProvenanceType (apparently not a widely used terminology globally?).  Almost all the provenance examples you give (windmill, water bore, monitoring bore, RC drill hole, outcrop) are SamplingFeatures and thus can be related to the GeologicSpecimen by the generic sa:relatedSamplingFeature/SamplingFeatureRelation.  But this doesn't work for relating specimens to non-SamplingFeature features, like a mine site.  We could use the sa:sampledFeature association like we have already done for Specimens -> GeologicUnits.  But I don't know if this is a good solution for mine sites - I'd prefer that EarthResourceML schema model a link from EarthResourceML features (like EarthResource or MiningFeature, or both) to Boreholes and GeologicSpecimens.  Bruce, what do you think? - this would allow you to discover boreholes and specimens from a mineral deposit or mine.

5.  The new GeologicSpecimenParent class is not needed.  The generic sa:relatedSamplingFeature/SamplingFeatureRelation/../Specimen handles this already, with role = "parent specimen".

6.  The property GeologicSpecimenParent/preparation is also not needed because it is already handled by sa:Specimen/samplingMethod.  For example, your example of "parent sample is split in three" is handled by using a sa:Specimen/samplingMethod = "one-third sample split of parent specimen".  Sampling methods should be modelled as extensions of the existing ProcessModel class.

So, in summary, only one extra class (GeologicSpecimen) and one property (GeologicSpecimenType) are needed.

Could I have comments (agree or disagree) from everyone as soon as possible please so I can get the GeologicSpecimen package bedded down for GSML v3 beta.


Ollie Raymond
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