[Auscope-geosciml] CSW for testing

Tellez-Arenas Agnes a.tellez-arenas at brgm.fr
Fri Oct 9 03:57:10 EDT 2009


I have installed a geonetwork 2.4 on the BRGM GeoSciML server. The url is: http://srvgeosciml.brgm.fr/geonetwork24/srv/en/main.home <http://srvgeosciml.brgm.fr/geonetwork24/srv/en/main.home> 
The login is admin and the password is admin. It is easy to add a new WMS or WFS by using "administration" then "harvesting management".

I installed this geonetwork for testing for the GeoSciML group, so don't hesitate to use it. 

In theory I can easily remove then install it again from a "clean" database.

On this page you will find some light explanations (and examples) regarding the link between service and dataset http://srvgeosciml.brgm.fr/geonetwork24/testCSW.html <http://srvgeosciml.brgm.fr/geonetwork24/testCSW.html> 
(with a relation 1-to-1 between a layer and a dataset...).

The "old" geosciml catalogue still exists: http://srvgeosciml.brgm.fr/geonetwork/srv/en/main.home 

with regards,

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