[Auscope-geosciml] [SVN] Oliver Raymond changed the GeoSciML subversion repository

Simon Cox simon.cox at jrc.ec.europa.eu
Fri Oct 16 10:20:49 EDT 2009

Hi Ollie - 
1. are you liaising with Gilly on this? 
He has already done some work, particularly with the regolith geochem group
at CSIRO. 
2. Nowadays we prefer NOT to keep EAPs in the SVN. It only encourages people
to clone-and-modify which they shouldn't be doing. 
3. It would be best to put a bit more structure. If this is expected to be a
separately maintained package, then put a 'trunk' directory in place, and
put everything else under that. Makes tagging and releases easier. 
4. Also best to put the 'examples' in their own sub-directory. 
5. Steve added some instructions about SVN externals etc that shoudl be
followed to help with the management of this module int he context of all
the others. 

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Subject: [SVN] Oliver Raymond changed the GeoSciML subversion repository

Hi Simon, 

cgsrv2 GeoSciML repository has been updated.
Version : 2991.
Author : Oliver Raymond.

Log Message:
Added resources for developing a geochemistry model. Includes XMI of a
geochemistry-geochronology package, an EAP file, and some example instance
documents for discussion.

Please let me know if this directory should be in a different location on
the SVN.


A      geochemistry/
A      geochemistry/Geochem-geochron_UML_model_2009-10-16.EAP
A      geochemistry/Geochemistry-Geochronology.xml
A      geochemistry/borehole_assay_example_1.xml
A      geochemistry/geochem_assay_example_1.xml
A      geochemistry/probe_spot_example_1.xml


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