[Auscope-geosciml] GeoSciML Version 2.x problems and subversion cleanup [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Wed Oct 21 07:21:14 EDT 2009

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> the other directories in Geosciml/Trunk -- Documents, instances,
> ModelTemplate, TEstbed3, tools all may contain useful files, but should
> probably be sorted through and either moved to other places or removed?
> Not sure what best practice here would be, except to cul stuff that's
> no longer any use. Most of the stuff in documents I put there, so I'll
> clean that up. The ModelTemplates are probably still useful for EA
> users. Tools seems to be getting updated for Geoserver work? Testbed3,
> I'm not sure--any one claim this stuff?
The stuff in tools should be decided by  Ben Caradoc-Davies and Rob Atkinson. I suspect the GeoServer stuff is all out of date and could be removed but Ben should have final say so. The ServiceProfiles stuff I think is an abandoned experiment by Rob Atkinson but get final say-so from him. If they need keeping they can be moved out of the trunk to a top-level directory to be managed separately before the trunk is removed.

Testbed3 is probably only of historical interest. I would be happy to delete it but if Tim Duffy thinks it should be kept then I will move it to a top-level directory out of trunk.

Instances: I think we should abandon having instances subdirectories inside the various branches, ongoing trunk etc. I would suggest moving the instances directory to the top-level. It will contain a mixture of instances that validate against different versions of the schemas and some that may validate against multiple versions. This information should be recorded inside the instance documents themselves. When releasing some version of GeoSciML to the www.geosciml.org site then examples for that version can be picked from instances in the instances directory that validate against that version. Agree?


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