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A borehole samples an acquifer (reservoir). 
Water (oil) is transported away from the top of a borehole. 
If you are interested in the details of which molecule came from where, then
the curve-feature is your thing. 
If you are interested in the quantities produced from some site, then the
point feature whose location corresponds with one end of the curve is your
They may share some properties. 

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Hi Eric,

I think it's still Tuesday in Canada right now, so I can support your option
1  :)

1.  Re well/borehole in GWML, it's not consistent that a water well is a
specialisation of SamplingPoint, but it has all the associated attributes of
a GSML:Borehole (a SamplingCurve specialisation).  Being a SamplingPoint
implies there is no length to a well and you are only describing the collar
location, but WaterWell has association to a well log which indicates

To me, this suggests that a GWML:WaterWell is a borehole in all aspects of
GWML other than not actually being a specialisation of GSML:Borehole.

Could you give an example of when a WaterWell is not a borehole.... perhaps
when WaterWell/wellDevelopment/Process = "pick and shovel"?

I agree with Bruce, some of the WaterWell descriptors could definitely be
added to GSML:Borehole.

2.  GWML is not the only place that needs "a good pattern for geochemistry
(assays)".  I have played with various options at GA in preparation for our
inorganic geochemistry and geochronology databases going to WFS.  I'll get
together what I've done to date and send it around.


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there was a epic discussion about "is a WaterWell a Borehole or not".  A
discussion Pitor Wodja, Jean Brodeur and Boyan Brodaric were part of.
I think in this model, it's not a borehole, but another SamplingFeature.
Wells are not always borehole, it's just a feature from which we draw water.
Sometimes, we draw water from boreholes.  We had intense discussion trying
to figure if we saw two features (A well and a borehole) or just one which
is a subtype.

One side of the discussion says it's ludicrous, wells are virtually alway
always boreholes and for all practical purposes, other kinds of wells can be
regarded as such.
The other side claim that Well is a role of a borehole and we should grant
this role to whatever feature we can draw water from (The Australian
groundwater model, circa 1999, lists a series, Piotr also has a couple of
examples from Belgium).

I will defend point of view #1 of Mondays and Tuesdays, during full moon,
and during Winter Carnaval.
And will defend #2 when I drank Bordeau wine, when there are not too much
snow to shovel and when the kids are calm (it's a common saying in Quebec to
say that kids can predict snow storm).
I will shoo the discussion in any other situation.

What GWML needs now (and maybe ResourceML and GeoSciML) is a good pattern
for geoschemistry (assays).  yes, it's O&M, but there are a lots of way to
encode the same thing in O&M



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Objet : GroundwaterML

Hi guys
Eric Boisvert has extended the Borehole model to cover WaterWells. It is
documented at:
GWML is here (version 1 that will soon undergo revision for a v.2 following
GeoSciML evolution)

A quick look suggests some of the WaterWekll properties are probably
applicable to Mineral and Petroleum Bores as well(!).(eg wellDepth, status
As part of the modelling F2F meetingshould we be looking at reconciling the
GWML and GeoSciML Borehole/WaterWell properties?


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31/08/2009 11:00 PM

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RE: Quebec Face to Face - Show of hands - logistic

beer probably won't be available for lunch, but there are plenty of watering
holes around and beer and wine can be bought in convenience stores (7-11
kind of stores) in this province, and bar closes at 3 am.  You don't want to
test Quebec wine..

GWML is here (version 1 that will soon undergo revision for a v.2 following
GeoSciML evolution)



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Lunch boxes good idea - no special requirements apart from wine and beer PS
can you send a link to the GroundwaterMl websites?

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Quebec Face to Face - Show of hands - logistic

3 weeks to go..

Do we want to repeat Uppsala lunch boxes idea ?  I understand we might have
a lot of ground to cover in 4.5 days.
There must be 100 restaurants within 4 blocks around our office, so choice
is not a problem, but it obviously takes more time.

If we go lunch box - any one has food restrictions we should be aware of ?
We can provide receipts for those who needs them.


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