[Auscope-geosciml] RE : CGI Value abomination [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Stephen M Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Thu Sep 3 14:26:17 EDT 2009

Alex --
Can you clarify the Quality property categoryQuality on swe:quantity?

Also, how might swe account for
1)  observation values of the sort 'value is greater than x' or 'value 
is less than x'
2)  'the value ranges from a to b, median is c, mean is d'
3) categorical ranges -- e.g. 'the sandstone is medium-grained to 


> 	The swe abstract data components all have a Quality property, which
> is a union that includes a categoryQuality and textQuality. Can the kind of
> qualifiers we're using (always, common, never, sometimes, rare, equalTo,
> greaterThan, lessThan, approximate, quadratic mean, ...mode, median) be
> accounted for using categoryQuality? CategoryQuality appears in the sensorML
> v.1.0 uml in HollowWorld, but a search of the pdf for SensorML (OGC 07-000)
> gets no hits on categoryQuality, so there's not any discussion of the
> intention of the quality category. 
> 	can swe:singleConstraint account for greaterThan, lessThan type
> bounding value declarations?
> 	the quadratic mean, harmonic mean, geometric mean, arithmetic mean,
> mode, median have to do with the observation procedure, but how does swe
> attach those to data?  Using abstractDataComponent.definition URI?
> 	always, common, sometimes seem like possible quality categories. 
> 	'Never' is only necessary for defining descriptions where the
> presence of some property precludes membership in a category -- I don't
> think it would appear in any kind of occurrence description. This kind of
> information should be encoded with OWL or something like that anyway, so
> maybe we can deprecate it. 
> 	So maybe don't need to change swe?
> 	BUT...
> 	SWE does not appear to have a CategoryRange that would account for
> CGI_TermRange.
> 	We still have the case brought up by Bruce or Ollie of geophysical
> data for which there is a value range and a typical or preferred value
> 	Maybe these could be accounted for with some elements derived from
> swe:dataArray?
> 	steve

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