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The xlink:href to controlled concepts only works for elements that take 
a ControlledConcept as a value (and allow byReference); scopedName is 
the link to controlledConcept when the element takes CGI_TermValue, 
which has a value, which is a ScopedName, which we want to point at a 

The URI for the concept is unique, and the CGI identifier scheme 
actually includes the classifierScheme in the URN, so including the 
classifierScheme as the codespace for the concept is indeed redundant. 
If the classifierScheme URI were easier to resolve it would be a 
convenience. Better yet, perhaps we invent some sort of 'resolvable 
identifier' that includes an attribute which is the URL for a resolver?


note that the codespace here is "urn:ietf:rfc:2141", because the 
identifier is a URN.  The classifierScheme is 
"urn:cgi:classifierScheme:CGI:Lithology:200811", which can be derived 
from the URN.  This sort of scheme would require that the data consumer 
knows the correct requests to make to the service to get a term 
definition or language localization, which would be greatly facilitated 
if there was some standard vocabulary service specification...


Boisvert, Eric wrote:
> Can't someone remind me why we have apparently 2 ways to refered to ControlledConcept ?
> The xlink:href and the ScopesName.  I vaguely remember that if a scopeName contains certains urn, the value must contains a urn.
>> in that case is the URI for the concept, the codespace is the URI for the containing vocabulary
> Aren't urn unique anyway ?.  Isn't the first urn redundant (or it's just a 'trigger' ?)
> Eric
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> ScopedName is intended to account for controlled concepts, but we need to make it clear that the 'name' in that case is the URI for the concept, the codespace is the URI for the containing vocabulary (or do we pick a different convention?), and establish an operational way to resolve these URI's. These are application profile and architecture issues.
> steve
> Simon Cox wrote:
>> Yes - I still strongly urge y'all to attempt a 'cull' of the 
>> soft-typed values, and replace them with ScopedName (this _is_ 
>> ControlledConcept Steve!) or Measure wherever possible.
>> As Eric points out, you can actually write filters against those. 
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