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It’s a mixture of (a) the Xpath subset and (b) query nesting logic
In the WFS 1.x specs. 
Both have been fixed in WFS 2.0.  

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Is the xpath processor not recognizing codespace criteria a WFS
implementation issue, or does the spec actually say codespace criteria on
xpath are not processed in wfs filter?

Boisvert, Eric wrote:
> Actually, you can't, or at least not to the point that codeSpace is of any
use.  Filter sees the world in denormalised form.
> consider this instance
> <Feature>
>   <gml:name codeSpace="urn:1">concept_a</gml:name>
>   <gml:name codeSpace="urn:2">concept_b</gml:name>
> </Feature>
> We want to select concept_a of codeSpace urn:2 (this instance should 
> not match)
> <ogc:And>
>    <ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo>
>      <ogc:PropertyName>gml:name</ogc:PropertyName>
>      <ogc:Literal>concept_a</ogc:Literal>
>    </ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo>
>    <ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo>
>      <ogc:PropertyName>gml:name/@codeSpace</ogc:PropertyName>
>      <ogc:Literal>urn:2</ogc:Literal>
>    </ogc:PropertyIsEqualTo>
> </ogc:And>
> will match the instance
> This problem has been reported some times ago.
> This means that we can't really target specific codeSpace when we query a
term, codeSpace are useless in filter.
> I know it is unlikely that many codeSpace for the same property are to be
present in the same feature (gml:name is the only one I can think of), but
just to point out that codeSpace can't be use to tell term apart in
WFS/Filter.  You might as well ignore codeSpace filtering altogether. and
hope that the term is unique.
> I don't think it's a show stopper, it will return false positive in the
worst case scenario. 
> Eric
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> Objet : Re: [Auscope-geosciml]RE : CGI Value abomination 
> Yes - I still strongly urge y'all to attempt a 'cull' of the 
> soft-typed values, and replace them with ScopedName (this _is_ 
> ControlledConcept Steve!) or Measure wherever possible.
> As Eric points out, you can actually write filters against those.

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