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Alex-- thanks for the suggestions. I'm sure we'll have an animated 
discussion about this in Quebec!

about the color and consolidation descriptions

("> A color description of a rock unit may run something like
> '/usually /forms *reddish orange* outcrops, /sometimes /*white *or *gray*'. Or a
> rock description might say '/typically /*strongly indurated*, but
> /occasionally /*very friable*'.")

These would be represented as categorical quantities, not numerical, 
using some controlled vocabulary ideally. The vocabulary words are in 
bold above, the qualifiers in italic. The qualifiers are also 
categories, from a vocabulary (ideally...).  The problem is that except 
in the case of very primitive instances (a single piece of rock), there 
is always some degree of variability in the things we describe (dogs are 
a good analogy), and commonly there is also categorical or numerical 
uncertainty. The question is how to capture that in an interchange format.


Robin, Alexandre wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I'm afraid I don't understand why you would attach such a color description of the rock to a numerical quantity. I would understand better if it was attached to a field containing the well classified color of the sample. Is this what you mean?
> Anyway it is certainly possible to attach a textual statement to a value via the quality property. It's definitely the intent of the "quality" tag in SWE Common which can be used to express quality as a categorical value (i.e. 'good', 'bad'), a numerical value such as relative accuracy or a textual statement such as ('this value is uncertain because I was not wearing my glasses when I looked at the sample').
> So to summarize I think you may be able to do what you need in SWE Common, but the example about the rock color just confused me :-)
> Cheers,
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