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Hi Eric,

WSMT is a pretty similar visualization tool that allows to load rdf/skos files and "play" with the ontology.
Here is the link to the tool + the simpleLithology200811.rdf file + a screenshot, for those of you that might be interested.

 The link to the windows installer is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wsmt/files/wsmt/WSMT%20v2.0/WSMT-2.0-LGPL-Windows.zip/download

In order to load the rdf file in WSMT, you first have to creat a new wmsl project, right clik on the project, import the rdf file, right click on the rdf file and select the "convert to": wsml format command. At the moment, don't look at the 3 warnings...
Then you can navigate through the ontology and visualize the hierarchy and so on.
Look at the concepts' cluster, that's where the ineteresting bits are.



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François Létourneau (who is going through the SKOS spec) found this: 
Click on "visualisation" tab for a cool navigation tool 
De :    Létourneau, François  
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Clique aussi sur visualisation 
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