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Boisvert, Eric Eric.Boisvert at RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca
Fri Sep 18 05:30:46 EDT 2009

The '*' trick only work if the server respect the schema (and it should) and it only works for head of substitution, you can specify a subtype.
For example.  in a given xpath 
and if we look the server response as a big XML document
if B is the head of subsitution of a complex tree that has M and N as direct child and M has two childs Z and P
 N   M
    Z  P
in a/*/c/D, the * can only match all substitution of B  and you can't specify you just want M and its descendants.
You must then explicitly provide a list of all elements [M|Z|P]

So you are right, '*' is only a partial solution.




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On 18/09/09 13:32, Ben Caradoc-Davies wrote:
> On 17/09/09 08:30, Boisvert, Eric wrote:
>> gsml:speficiation/*/gsml:preferredAge/...
> Will this also get more deeply nested properties? There is a risk
> unintended matches.

And answering my own question: no.
"*" matches only one element.

But it would be nice to specify only some subtree of types ...

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