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TM_period appears to have a strange structure.  I also can't seem to find an ISO element which has an upper and lower TM_Coordinate (which is what we want).  And the apparent lack of link to from TM elements to DQ elements for denoting error is a show-stopper for using purely a ISO solution.

Is there any benefit in creating a time-based equivalent of CGI_NumericRange called CGI_TimeRange, with a CGI_TimeMeasure inheriting from TM_Coordinate?


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There was some uncertainty on my part yesterday as to whether TM_Period is the correct type for numericAgeDate. After studying the ISO 19108 temporalSchema some more, I conclude its not; it only allows a time coordinate specified by a single number, no uncertainty. I recommend we change TM_Period to CGI_NumericRange; this is more consistent with the rest of the model, represents what we want better, and avoids another proxy for a GML3.2 element for v. 3 testing.

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