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Yes - TM_Period is about a discrete interval, not uncertainty. 

There is also the matter of whether 'age' means
- position on a timeline, a coordinate
   - the conventional origins make this a negative number for most
geological events
- amount of time embodied in (or 'since') the event, a quantity

I.e. interval- vs. ratio-scale. 


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There was some uncertainty on my part yesterday as to whether TM_Period is
the correct type for numericAgeDate. After studying the ISO 19108
temporalSchema some more, I conclude its not; it only allows a time
coordinate specified by a single number, no uncertainty. I recommend we
change TM_Period to CGI_NumericRange; this is more consistent with the rest
of the model, represents what we want better, and avoids another proxy for a
GML3.2 element for v. 3 testing.

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