[Auscope-geosciml] GeoSciML 3.0 (GML 3.1 version) in Geoserver?

Ryan Clark ryan.clark at azgs.az.gov
Mon Aug 2 16:06:00 EDT 2010

Hello -


I'm curious if anyone else has tried experimenting with providing a GeoSciML
3.0 WFS through Geoserver? I started looking at it last week, and it failed.
According to Ben Cardoc-Davies on the Geoserver list, it "looks like a
schema resolution problem". I'm not at all sure what's going wrong, and I'm
starting to dig in to debugging the application in order to try and find
out. In the meantime, I'm just curious if anyone else has considered or
tried to do this?


Also, as I recall from my previous experiences implementing a WFS with
GeoSciML, one of the problems hiding under the covers was that the
MappedFeature featuretype encompasses multiple geometries
(points/lines/polygons). This is sensible conceptually, but when
implementing a WFS it is assumed that any one FeatureType will have only one
geometry type. In the Geoserver world this meant that I actually needed to
create three different services, each with a different URL which provide
gsml:MappedFeatures - one for points, one for lines, one for polygons. I
wonder if anyone has thought about this or has a great idea about how to
handle it?






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