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I am sure there was no decision at Quebec or since to use gsml:MappedFeature/gml:location instead of gsml:shape (certainly no documented decision), and the absence of gsml:shape in v3 RC1 is an accident.

However, looking at it now, gml:location looks like a good thing.  I can't see any reason to have gsml:shape in our model when there is a perfectly good gml attribute for us to use.

Is there anyone willing to stand up for gsml:shape?  Do we need it?

Perhaps gml:location may need a GeoSciML community best practice to limit data to be only GM_Object coordinate data (ie; not a location text string) to enhance interoperability?  Note that at Uppsala we took the decision to put text descriptions of borehole locations in gml:description only.


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> Maybe I was not paying attention in Quebec (I was indeed more
> concentrated on dealing with Skype sound issues), but was it decided
> to use gml:location ?
I don't know, I couldn't hear ;-) but I've been using gml:location in the services I'm setting up.


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