[auscope-geosciml] broken HollowWorld links again [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Rob.Atkinson at csiro.au Rob.Atkinson at csiro.au
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The "Update model dependencies using registry" function in SolidGround does the remediation step. I cant remember if you have the latest version or have connected to the repo (hopefully its not such a pain as SVN to get through the proxy) - Will Francis will fix you up with password if you need to download and connect. If you dont have the new registered model package already, it will be downloaded automatically from the registry. This gives you the control to update reliably.

You will need to connect to the registry we we have a cleaned-up version of the ISO models (preserving the object EAIDs) - you need to check out the pckage you want to fix, invoke the function, select the package you want to "re-connect" to from the registry.

This will fix any attribute datatype references and any relationships that are in the model package, but not resolved because ytou have the wrong version of the model loaded - any relationships that were unconnected when you saved the model will be lost however :-(

Future versions will allow you to scan the repo for (possible) changes without forcing an update like SVN does.


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I had to rebuild my EA project file today from scratch due to EA and SVN getting their knickers knotted again (dealing with svn through a proxy internet setup is a nightmare).

In reloading HW from scratch, some GeoSciML->HW links broke again - eg; links between GeoSciML and ISO-19103.

Many of the ISO packages have been refactored in the last year to include the year of publication in their naming and an extra folder/directory level.  eg: ISO-19103 used to look like this
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CB37C8.FAFB9650]

but now looks like this:
[cid:image002.jpg at 01CB37C8.FAFB9650]

Does anyone know if there is any way that we can stop UML links between GeoSciML and HW breaking every time an ISO package is refactored??  This is an ongoing issue and is a severe risk to development of GeoSciML UML as we have to keep a keen eye on all our ISO links to make sure they are still valid.


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