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Boisvert, Eric Eric.Boisvert at RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Aug 11 14:21:10 EDT 2010

Hi all.

I tested the time scale schema and implemented the URI resolution (which was the original goal).

The whole chart is here


And internal reference (trs:member) are also resolvable



This subset will only report the two boundaries that are used for this specific GeochronologicEra

An interesting side effect of the implementation is this URL


Will return all Q,PZ and CZ, although I'm pretty sure it's intended to be used that way.

I do have a couple of questions about my serialization

A) what Am I suppose to do with


The schema just says it's an abstract object.  Look like there is a term list missing (or should it be a CGI_Term ?)

B) If I understand correctly, all the boudary ages should be list individually at the bottom, should these NumericEraBoundary also have a full identity (URI) and be individually resolvable ?

C) Did I get the encoding of the value correctly ?  I have two examples

		<gt:NumericEraBoundary gml:id="age.K2d-K2c">
					<gml:timePosition calendarEraName="MA">85.8</gml:timePosition>
		<gt:StandardGlobalNumericalAge gml:id="age.NPR2-NPR1">
					<gml:timePosition calendarEraName="MA">850</gml:timePosition>

I have used NumericEraBoundaries because I did not search all the detailed description for boundaries (and create GeochronologicBoundaries), but I used StandardGlobalNumericalAge when the age are defined by definition (such as Precambrian boundaries).
Did I get this correctly ?

Also, I'm not sure how to encode the gml:timePosition (calendarEraName in particular).  I just put MA for now.

D) should the  NumericEraBoundary provides all the nextEra and previousEra too ?

E) Any other comments ?



Eric Boisvert
Spécialiste TI-GI / IT-IM specialist
Eric.Boisvert at rncan.gc.ca, 418-654-3705, facsimile/télécopieur 
490, rue de la Couronne, Québec (Québec), G1K 9A9
490, rue de la Couronne, Quebec, Quebec, G1K 9A9

Laboratoire de cartographie numérique et de photogrammétrie (LCNP)
Digital Cartography and Photogrammetry Laboratory (DCPL)
Commission géologique du Canada (Québec) / Geological Survey of Canada (Quebec)
Ressources naturelles Canada / Natural Resources Canada
Gouvernement du Canada / Government of Canada
http://cgc.rncan.gc.ca/dir/index_f.php?id=4186 / http://cgc.rncan.gc.ca/dir/index_e.php?id=4186

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