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Sen, Marcus A mase at bgs.ac.uk
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> Generally you should not use paths to a SVN location in anything
> persistent.
From the number of changes still being applied I guess we haven't really got stable enough for a "release candidate" stage yet. Presumably we will get to a stage where we want a bit of wider feedback with a pretty stable version published as a release candidate on www.geosciml.org . At the moment there is a fairly straightforward but still currently manual and possibly error-prone step in changing the schemaLocation URLs when copying SVN versions over to the published location on www.geosciml.org. I guess there's nothing we can really do about that apart from check carefully just after copying the schemas over?

I wondered a bit whether we should put the intended publication location URL (currently something like "http://www.geosciml.org/geosciml/3.0_rc1/xsd/geosciml.xsd") in the SVN repository versions and developers using SVN should use OASIS catalog's with their validation tools to rewrite that to the SVN location or their local working copies. However, there may be problems with not all tools being able to use catalog's. Also, maybe it doesn't really buy us anything as testing with the catalog re-writing may be a bit error-prone anyway and not guarantee that everything will be correct when moved to the published location?

So this isn't an email with any conclusions; sorry but I thought I'd ponder aloud just to check what other people think the process should be.


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