[auscope-geosciml] GeologicUnit/CGI_NumericRange encoding

Laxton, John L jll at bgs.ac.uk
Thu Aug 12 06:42:21 EDT 2010


In v3 we have the GeologicUnit properties of bodyMorphology and unitComposition as mandatory which were previously optional. Was this intended?  I can't see these properties are any different from ones like unitThickness which are still optional. I think we need to go easy on mandatory properties or we end up with very verbose documents full of nothing.

Also I wonder if the estimatedValue property on CGI_NumericRange should be mandatory. I don't think it follows that because you know a range of values for something like unitThickness you will necessarily want to provide some estimated mean/median. On the verbosity point I don't think we should have the quality property of Quantity as recommended as mandatory in best practice - this adds four sub-properties for each Quantity value and when using CGI_NumericRange to provide a single value, which has to be repeated three times (estimated, upper, lower) anyway, is completely OTT!


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