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Thanks for the answer
Sorry for the already answered question (as I pointed out earlier, Skype - amongst other things-  took all my attention, I will hopefully be more attentive in Rome)


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Hi Eric

There was discussion at Quebec about using swe:Category.  This was recorded in the minutes (https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/CGIModel/Quebec2009ModelDesignTaskGroupAgenda) ...

"Wherever in the model we use ControlledConcept or CGI_Term or ScopedName replace with swe:Category. This will need to be tested, both that it works to deliver the data we require and that it can be queried. All the changes will need to have scope notes added specifying how swe:Category is to be used, ie what CodeList specification is required, what the swe:Value should be etc."

The Quebec discussion was not followed through into an Action Point from the meeting, probably because we decided at Quebec to use ScopedName for most things - a decision we later revised after the meeting when we decided to go down the route of using xlink:href and xlink:title in CGI_Term.

At Quebec, there were some comments added to the scope notes of a few attributes in the GeologicUnit class (eg; bodyMorphology) to use swe:Category instead of CGI_Term.  But I found these comments nowhere else in the model. These comments must have been added into the UML during the Quebec discussion and were not removed after swe:Category was not pursued.

I think CGI_Term serves our purposes better than swe:Category because it allows a qualifier if you want one, while also allowing free or controlled text, depending on what you put in the value/xlink:href and value/xlink:title attributes.


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>> B) Since we are using swe:Quantity for some of the values, why don't we use swe:Text and swe:Category instead of CGI_Term (where a qualifier is not necessary) ?
>> Eric

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