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Hi all,
CSIRO organised a very successful Masterclass for the Interoperability Day 
at the OGC meeting in Sydney (3 December 2010).

I presented on some of the 'social' history and issues we experienced 
developing GeoSciML.  The presentation is on the GeoSciML Wiki (

After the presentation I was asked to provide specific examples of where 
we found 'gaps' in the standards during our design and testing.  Examples 
I could think of were:
Need to use gml:name as proxy for gml:identifier
No standard for relating layers in WMS to features in WFS
Catalog functionality limitations
AND Filter queries scoped at typeName level, not propertyName level
No configurable software support for WFS 1.1 SF1 and WFS version choices
Linking vocabularies (ControlledConcepts in GeoSciML, CGI_Value, 
ScopedName, SKOS/RDF issues)
OGC conformance tests don't test all aspects of OGC specifications
1D & 3D middleware functionality

I'm sure there were a lot more 'problems' we encountered over the past 6 
In order to document the challenges we have faced can those of you who 
remember please provide them to the list? I will then start collating them 
on the Wiki.

Guillaume is still keen to put together an IUGS paper on the history of 
GeoSciML development, so your feedback will help that process.
Bruce Simons

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