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Week of the 4/7/11 should be fine for me.

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In Rome it was provisionally agreed that the next GeoSciML F2F meeting 
would be in Edinburgh in the week prior to the INSPIRE conference being 
held in Edinburgh. At the time of the Rome meeting it was thought the 
INSPIRE conference would be the week beginning 20/6/11, but in fact the 
INSPIRE conference has now been confirmed for the following week (27/6/11 
– 1/7/11). It has also now transpired that those of us involved in the 
INSPIRE data specifications are going to have a very short time period 
leading up to the INSPIRE conference to meet various critical 
deadlines/deliverables. For this reason I would prefer not to have the 
GeoSciML F2F prior to the INSPIRE conference, so our preferred option 
would be to have it in the week after the INSPIRE conference (4/7/11 – 
Is everyone happy to proceed on this basis or will these dates cause 
problems for anyone?

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