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I presume this is "publically accessible" SVN repos - otherwise you could add WaterML and INSPIRE models.

Is CSML available?

Also, "fix the flaws" probably requires a dependency management framework, and ability to visualise the dependencies - so happy to help with the process of loading into a public sandpit SolidGround registry.

Need to make some pragmatic decisions regarding how to address the flaws, particularly in the ISO baseline  in the short term.


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Subject: AvailableModels < AppSchemas < SEEGrid

Colleagues -

Following some conversations I had with Clemens last week, I've assembled a short list of UML models available from SVN repos which _in principle_ should be loadable into an EA model (like HollowWorld).


This is static, incomplete, and not clear if it has enough information to be fully useful. But it is also on a Wiki page, so we can all iterate on it to fix the flaws, learn what we need, and then maybe move it to a proper registry framework (like SolidGround).

Please contribute.

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