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It's of course possible to ignore this - there seems to be a pattern of people extending the profile - but I reckon you want a really good reason. In this case I'm not sure that XML encoding hints shouldn't be in tagged values, not stereotypes.


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Hi all,

1.  The CGI_Utilities/PrimitiveTypes package is throwing conformance errors saying that the <<PrimitiveType>> stereotype is an unknown stereotype.  Should these classes be stereotyped as <<Type>> instead?

2.  Can anyone tell me if we really need the "Primitive Types" schema in GeoSciML v3 at all?  It appears to be a package constructed when we were still developing ways of handling multilingual terms.  We have moved on now to using multilingual vocabularies by reference.  The only part of GeoSciML v3 that still uses any class defined in "Primitive Types" is TemporalReferenceSystem/TimeOrdinalEra.  (ControlledConcept used it in GeoSciML v2, but we are not using the gsml:vocabulary schema any more.)  I think that TimeOrdinalEra/name/LocalizedGenericName could be replaced with a byReference link to a vocabulary, rendering the "PrimitiveTypes" schema redundant.



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