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Létourneau, François Francois.Letourneau at RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca
Thu Dec 16 15:00:33 EST 2010

Hi Ollie,
I will start the work on the model tomorrow. Hopefully, this new run should be easier.


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Hi Francois et al,
Following a problem with EarthMaterial and some discussions that were not decisive (apart from the desire to put EarthMaterial back into Core), the model is again ready for FullMoon schema generation.  Classmaps and http uri pathnames have all been updated according to latest email discussions re the proposed GeoSciML internet repository.
I have left the associations between AlterationDescription, MetamorphicDescription and GeologicEvent as per Rome.  While I think Bruce is right that the associations with GeologicEvent could be better having their directions reversed, I think John raised valid points that there are some aspects of the AlterationDesctiption and MetamorphicDescription classes that are designed for a Unit or EarthMaterial description and are not designed for an Event description.  Hence I have opted for the path of least turmoil at this late stage and gone with what we seemed happy with at Rome.  
I have also taken the opportunity to fix some other smaller errors in the uml picked up by further conformance testing.
I have created a v3 RC2 tag directory which is a copy of trunk as of 16 Dec 2010.  This tag will remain static. Any further editing (God forbid) will be done in trunk.

Ollie Raymond

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