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Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au
Tue Dec 21 23:00:13 EST 2010

Dear Enterprise Architect users,

Sparx Systems have fixed a bug in EA that will be applied to the next major release in the new year.  Until then, look out for the bug described below.  It caught us out a few times recently in GeoSciML.



Ollie Raymond

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Hello Ollie,

Thanks for the note.

This issue has been fixed and it will be applied to the next major

release of EA (the BETA will hopefully be available early in the new


Best Regards,

Allan Butt

Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

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Subject: Bug Report - Attribute type change does not save if the new

type is spelt the same

The following Bug Report was submitted by Ollie Raymond

(mailto:oliver.raymond at ga.gov.au) on Thu Dec 16 12:36:20 EST 2010.




EA Version:  8.0.860

EA Edition:  Professional

EA Add In:  No Add-In

Repository Type:  No Repository

Operating System:  Windows XP

Service Pack:  SP3





Attribute type change does not save if the new type is spelt the same


If you change an attribute type to a differenet type, but with the same

spelling (eg; from "Boolean" in Application Schema #1 to "Boolean" in

Application Schema #2), EA will not save the change.  You have to change

the attribute type to something with a different spelling, save it, then

change it to the actual type that you want, and save it.

Steps to Reproduce:

Example: I have an attribute in my model of type "Boolean" which I have

chosen from an imported model (eg; from the ISO19103 package) using the

"Select Type" dialog to navigate to the appropriate package and element.

I try to change the attribute type to "Boolean" from a different

imported package (eg; from the OGC SWE Common package).  I choose the

"Boolean" type from the new package, again by navigating in the "Select

Type" dialog to the new "Boolean" element in the new package.

Click "save" in the Attribute properties dialog.

The result is that the attribute type has not been saved at all.  If you

go into the "Select Type" dialog again, you can see that it is still

pointing to the old "Boolean" type from the old package.

The only way I can change to the new "Boolean" type is to change it to

anything spelt differently, then save, then change to the new "Boolean"

type, then save.



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