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Ollie - what O&M2 classmap are you referring to? I haven't created one. 

Note that OM2 refers to O&M v1.0 Part 2 (Sampling Features). 

The one for O&M v2.0 should be called ISO 19156 ClassMap, for consistency
with the other ISO packages. 



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Hi Simon and FullMoon folk,


I'm looking at the requirements for us to generate a testbed GeoSciML3
schema from the UML which uses the latest new O&M2 model.  Our GSML3
borehole and laboratory analysis packages (and the MOLES model too)
currently use links to the new O&M2 model.


I note that the FullMoon-HollowWorld classmaps
p_Sampling_Core_GML32.xml, .../ClassMap_Observation_Core_GML32.xml and
.../ClassMap_Specimen_GML32.xml) map the new O&M2 and Sampling classes to
old O&M classes because there is no O&M2 schema yet.  There are some things
in these classmaps which may need to be edited before we can produce our
GeoSciML3 schema:


  1. there is no class mapping for OM_Process - do we need to add this to
the Observation_Core classmap?  We (and MOLES) have classes which extend
OM_Process.  Is a class mapping for OM_Process not required?

  2. there are mappings for OM_ObservationCollection, and SurveyProcedure in
the classmaps but they have been removed from the O&M2 UML model.  Not sure
why they are in the O&M2 classmaps?

  3. the O&M2 classmaps import GML3.2, but do we need to make copies of the
O&M2 classmaps that import GML3.1 to generate our GML3.1-compliant GeoSciML3
testbed schema?


Hope you can help.







Ollie Raymond
National Advice,  Maps and Standards Project

Geoscience Australia


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