[auscope-geosciml] reference to ISO19139 in GeoSciML 2.1

Ben Caradoc-Davies Ben.Caradoc-Davies at csiro.au
Wed Oct 6 21:52:19 EDT 2010

It seems a bit dodgy to me that a production release of GeoSciML (2.1) 
would then depend on schemas stored in a subversion repository. This 
loses the version control gained by the schema location naming 
convention. Subversion URLs are less likely to be stable in the long 
term. geosciml.org is better because you can re-establish it on any 
hosting service; the GeoSciML community has full governance and does not 
rely on CSIRO.

Would it be possible to include a copy of iso19115proxy.xsd (and 
dependencies) in the GeoSciML 2.1 release to "freeze" it and thus 
protect GeoSciML 2.1 from changes in unversioned/ungoverned 
dependencies? Either that, or publish this package on geosciml.org like 

Kind regards,

On 06/10/10 23:30, Stephen M Richard wrote:
>    We need to point the
> xmlns:gmd="http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd"
> namespace at the schema location for our gml 3.1 gmd schema in
> subversion--right now the GeologicFeature.xsd has:
> import namespace="http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd" schemaLocation="http://schemas.opengis.net/iso/19139/20070417/gmd/gmd.xsd"/
> which results in linkage to gml3.2, and breaks our 3.1 fix.
> this should (I think) be
> import namespace="http://www.isotc211.org/2005/gmd"
> schemaLocation="https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/ISO19115_Proxy/xsd/iso19115proxy.xsd"
> will the https location cause problems?
> steve

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