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Ollie's instructions are not quite correct.

First you must register as an 'Observer' of the SWE umbrella project, on the OGC _Portal_, not the OGC Network.
Then you must attach your credentials to the SVN.
Both require that you have an OGC _Portal_ login, which has the pre-requisite that you are affiliated with an OGC member organization.

The SWE Umbrella SVN contains the development work of a number of OGC SWGs (i.e. Standards Working Groups).
Since the results of their deliberations is incomplete and has not yet been published (i.e. made publicly available) it is only available to OGC members.
This is one of the privileges of OGC membership.
When it is published, it will be freely available.


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I don't seem to have an OGC portal account. I got registered on OGCNetwork, but doesn't seem to help logging into the portal...

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Hi all,

The GeoSciML v3 (trunk) model now has links to SWECommon version 2 (in anticipation of the imminent release of that standard).  To access the SWE v2 uml packages through EA, you need to register with the OGC and checkout a copy of the xmi's from the OGC portal, then configure a new EA project to load HollowWorld with the SWE2 packages, before you can load the GeoSciML trunk model.

The updated instructions are here:  https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/ConfiguringEnterpriseArchitectForGeoSciML



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