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I know.  Sorry, I badly phrased it.
EPSG fixed the axis order.  This change is reflected in GML 3.2 examples (while 3.1.1 examples were 'wrong') therefore we decided (GWIE) to use GML 3.1.1 -> 3.2 transition to fix the axis order in our SOS services.
GWML service will follow the same logic (we mediate from heterogenous services, so it's something we must check).  I don't know how Snowflake or GeoServer or new version of Deegree will handle this.


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It's not GML that made this decision, it is EPSG.

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Another thing that we should be aware of, is that GML 3.2 fixes (at least in the documentation) the axis order of EPSG:4326, which is y,x and not x,y.


This means that we must be careful that WFS services actually honour the axis order.

For the Groundwater Interoperability Experiment, we suggested that services that generates 3.1.1 GML and older will use x,y axis order while GML above 3.1.1 will use y,x axis order.


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