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Bruce.Simons at dpi.vic.gov.au Bruce.Simons at dpi.vic.gov.au
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Hi Ollie,
All loaded and updated correctly - first time.  I think this is a first 
for me.
Well done.

Bruce Simons

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Hi all,
Following a small struggle to get the new EarthMaterial package to sync 
properly with svn (my apologies for the "www-data" email storm), it is all 
completed now and it is safe to reload the GeoSciML trunk model into 
Enterprise Architect. When you reload the parent GeoSciML package, there 
should be a new Earth Material package underneath it. 

The only minor hitch in creating the new EM schema was the 
DescriptionPurpose codelist which is used by both EM and GeologicFeature 
and caused a circular dependency between the 2 schemas, so I took the 
unilateral decision to move it into CGI_Utilities.  As far as a I can tell 
right now, the RC2 (trunk) model and classMaps are now complete apart from 
2 outstanding items from Rome - items 11 and 12 on the Model agenda 
concerning borehole surveys and vector - both of which I have recently 
poked Gilly about.
Please cast your eyes over the trunk UML and the classMaps before I let 
loose Francois and FullMoon.  I am sure there will be little things that I 
have overlooked.
Ollie Raymond

National Advice, Maps and Data Standards Project
Geoscience Australia

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