[auscope-geosciml] Another WFS gap

Boisvert, Eric Eric.Boisvert at RNCan-NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Sep 8 13:39:00 EDT 2010

Another interesting gap.

Say I want to expose gsml:MappedFeature as a feature for my GWML WFS service (I subtype GeologicUnit and added HydrogeologicUnit but keep MappedFeature as-is). 
The client can't  know of all the GWML feature that can be pointed to by gsml:specification because 
a) the feature is exposed as gsml:MappedFeature from the GeoSciML schema only
b) a DescribeFeatureType will return gsml:MappedFeature in the context of GeoSciML (who does not know about extensions such as EarthResourceML and GWML)

therefore, from the GetCapabilities and DescribeFeatureType, a client application cannot help the user to build a query that involves any types from the extended domain. 

The only way out I can think of would be to "force" schemaLocation entries to point to extensions schemas when the xsd for MappedFeature is returned from DescribeFeatureType. I'm not sure what typical client application behaviour is expected though.  I know some parser simply ignore namespace declaration if no tag actually uses it, the hack is to force a dummy attribute (unusedns:dummy="x") 
at the top of document. 

Shall this be another best practice / profile topic ?

Eric Boisvert
Spécialiste TI-GI / IT-IM specialist
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