[auscope-geosciml] Another WFS gap

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Thu Sep 9 03:52:04 EDT 2010

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> b) a DescribeFeatureType will return gsml:MappedFeature in the context
> of GeoSciML (who does not know about extensions such as EarthResourceML
> and GWML)
Don't you just configure your WFS to return an EarthResourceML or GWML 
Schema (which presumably import GeoSciML) if you want your service to
return EarthResourceML or GWML features? Or if you want both just return
a wrapper Schema which imports both (or any number of required Schemas).
I think you've already pointed out in the past that getting a custom
Schema response specifically to describe a particular feature type would
be a lot of work, so mostly we're all just returning some big general
Schema which includes all the feature types we might want to serve.

> therefore, from the GetCapabilities and DescribeFeatureType, a client
> application cannot help the user to build a query that involves any
> types from the extended domain.
I personally haven't seen any clients yet which actually help to build
a query from analysing a Schema. I would be really interested to see
one if you have one, or are you thinking more of possible future


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