[auscope-geosciml] GeoSciML subversion repository cleanup [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au
Thu Sep 16 01:05:39 EDT 2010

Hi all

1.  Does anyone have any use for the directory https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/modules ?

It appears to be an early prototype of the https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/model directory, and AFAICT is not used.

If no use for this directory is found, I will delete it.


2.  Does anyone have any use for the files still in https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/trunk ?

This used to be our main development location, but is not used now that the model is split up into multiple application schemas, each with their own "trunk".

The attached pic shows the remaining files, mainly being Geoserver stuff.  Does the Geoserver community still use it?

If there is no further use for this directory, I will delete it.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01CB55B0.9F263F00]


Ollie Raymond

National Advice, Maps and Data Standards Project
Geoscience Australia

GeoSciML Design Group
IUGS Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information


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