[auscope-geosciml] who's got live gsml services running

Tellez-Arenas Agnes a.tellez-arenas at brgm.fr
Thu Sep 23 10:35:48 EDT 2010


You can use http://onegeology-catalog.brgm.fr/geonetwork/srv/en/main.home the 1GG catalogue to find WFS. Some are 1GE WFS. 

You will also find here: http://onegeology-europe.brgm.fr/eXist/rest//db/1GE_WFStools/1GE_wfstools_countriesbboxurl.xml the 1GE portal configuration file for WFS. So you can find a list of working GeoSciML WFS. Some still need to be fixed, but  a lot are finished. They all should be up for the next weeks / months. It is with 1GE profile but I hope that it can help your programmer to test his client.

Just please be carefull to avoid requests without filter that request the whole WFS (even if you add a maxfeatures, some software request all the database before to take only the first records). 

The closing workshop of the project is end of october 26-28 october, so please avoid requesting the 1GE WFS these daye (even if it should not be a problem, we never know!)


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  I've got a programmer working on a gsml ArcGIS client and we're looking for live GeoSciML services that we can use for testing.
Who's got something running that will be up for several weeks at least?


Stephen M. Richard
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