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It will be necessary to demonstrate 3d applications to get through.
I don’t think AuScope has any real 3D.
The French might?


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Anyone see an opportunity to follow up with Gemcom Software, either in Perth or Vancouver?


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Subject:        GeoSciML and old connections

G’day Bruce and Lutz

It was great to connect with you both recently on Linked-in. I haven’t been involved much with the community since leaving CSIRO but in one of those weird occurrences of synchronicity, I was talking with someone here about GeoSciML just the day after you connected.

I’m now working as an employee of Gemcom Software, formerly Surpac/Minex group, and one of the things I’m keen to do is improve the interoperability of the various Gemcom packages with OGC standards. I’m slowly building my influence in this area in the company ☺

We have development offices in Perth, Brisbane, Hyderabad and Vancouver. Head office is in Vancouver so I’d welcome contacts there who might be interested in talking to management at a high level about the merits of supporting OGC standards and GeoSciML in particular. This could be a long wooing process.

I’m particularly interested in 3D representations, such as can be used to represent mine models as it’s easier for me to create adoption scenarios using them.

https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/UseCase4GeoModeller sounds like it was a reasonable success, judging by the PDF summary report I found at

It sounds like GeoSciML v3 is trundling steadily along, taking a brief look at

BTW apart from GML-based representations I’m also investigating the 3D PDF standard which has been released to community.

I don’t think it replaces GML but is probably going to be in demand as a representation format for getting models to presentation packages and maybe interchange with some other pure CAD applications.



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