[auscope-geosciml] gml:name substitutions in cgiutilities primitiveTypes.xsd

Sen, Marcus A. mase at bgs.ac.uk
Mon Apr 11 12:17:19 EDT 2011

The cgiutilities primitiveTypes.xsd schema defines LocalizedScopedName, LocalizedGenericName etc in the substitution group for gml:name. They are UpperCamelCase element names substituting for a property which should be lowerCamelCase. 

It also doesn't seem a particularly good idea to create substitutions for the GML standard object property gml:name; it'll just make it harder for software to deal with. 

It seems a bit OTT in terms of any real requirements as well. They are combinations of making the codeSpace mandatory and adding an xml:lang attribute. These are very generic considerations which the GML standard could consider for future versions and I don't think we have any particular need to override the standard gml:name for GeoSciML applications.

Shall we just delete this part of the Schema?


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