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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for that.  Your statement that ‘The two GeologicEvents are two GeologicFeatures….’ is the bit I don’t understand. GeologicEvents aren’t GeologicFeatures so I don’t see how the target/source associations can point to GeologicEvents? It was to overcome this that I suggested we needed GeologicEventRelation with target/source associations to GeologicEvent.


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Hi John,
Sorry for the delay but I've been trying to get the instance documents to validate in order to produce an example (without success so far - so no example produced).

> Surely GeologicFeatureRelation is describing the relationship between two GeologicFeatures, not two GeologicEvents applying to the same GeologicFeature?

The two GeologicEvents are two GeologicFeatures that relate to the same GeologicUnit (they may also relate to other GeologicUnits). The GeologicFeaturerelation is describing the relationship between these two events in terms of the enclosing GeologicUnit.  The following captures that:

                <gsml:GeologicEvent gml:id="Event 1">
                <gsml:GeologicEvent gml:id="Event2">
                                <gsml:GeologicFeatureRelation gml:id="Relation1">
                                        <gsml:relationship codeSpace="http=URI for event relationships">Preceding Event</gsml:relationship>
                                        <gsml:sourceRole codeSpace="http-URI for event roles">precedes</gsml:sourceRole>
                                        <gsml:targetRole codeSpace="http-URI for event roles">succeeds</gsml:targetRole>
                                        <gsml:target xlink:href="Event 1"/>
                                        <gsml:source xlink:href="Event 2"/>

Ideally the relationship between the GeologicEvents external to the GeologicUnit would be consistent with the relationship between the GeologicEvents within the GeologicUnit.

So an alternative is to describe the relationships between all the GeologicEvents (a GeologicEvent WFS) and then refer to these byReference from within the GeologicUnit (this would need testing).

Of course neither adequately covers specifying the ordering of GeologicEvents, which it should, but was left out as being too hard in Ottawa.


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There is a note attached to GeologicEvent in the model stating that the sequence of GeologicEvents can be handled with GeologicFeatureRelation. I’m not quite clear how this will work. Surely GeologicFeatureRelation is describing the relationship between two GeologicFeatures, not two GeologicEvents applying to the same GeologicFeature? Do we not need a GeologicEventRelation subtype of GeologicRelation with source/target links to GeologicEvent?


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