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I think this is what this OWS context is. But I must read it carefully first.


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Hi Eric,

Re the WMS/WFS discussion, was there any proposal for linking WMS and WFS services other than the technique used by the OneGeology registry?


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Interesting stuff on how to bundle resources in a collection for a client.  We discussed this a lot, specially in the context of "where is the resolver ?" ( "where's the beef ?"  )  and also on how to tie a particular WMS layer with a WFS service - basically what OneGeology does in the registry

http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=40441 <http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files/?artifact_id=40441>



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Something I noticed from the GWIE final report was about use of Web Map Context, and shortcomings noted. We studied this in OWS-7 testbed, and wrote up draft specs for an improved, more versatile "OWS Context" in a document obscurely titled "OWS-7 Information Sharing Engineering Report". It's a public report, doc# 10-035r2, available here:

It would be good to know if this addresses your issues, or if it needs further work. I don't think anyone's pursued getting this to "OGC Standard" status since OWS-7 concluded last June. We'd like to encourage that if you're interested and willing.

Also, I asked Eric to send me a synopsis of the "large data paging" and "query across features" issues reported in the GWIE final report. I started making some notes from that report, but the points are scattered among multiple CR's over several pages, so would appreciate a concise summary of these issues & proposed work, that I can talk about more easily with Carl and some WG chairs.

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