[auscope-geosciml] GeoSciML 3.0 - xlink:href on GeologicUnit

Ben Caradoc-Davies Ben.Caradoc-Davies at csiro.au
Thu Aug 11 01:15:26 EDT 2011

On 11/08/11 13:02, Bruce.Simons at dpi.vic.gov.au wrote:
> I'm getting a validation error on a MappedFeature instance document as the # xlink:href is invalid for the second polygon specified by the same GeologicUnit
> (http://geology.data.vic.gov.au/services-test/geosciml/testbed/50k/wfs?SERVICE=WFS&VERSION=1.1.0&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAME=gsml30:MappedFeature&MAXFEATURES=5&OUTPUTFORMAT=gml32 )
> The schema does not allow xlink:href on gsml30:specification/gsml30:GeologicUnit.  Should it be on the gsml30:specification property rather than the gsml30:GeologicUnit property?

Yes, xlink:href must be on gsml30:specification not 

This incorrect encoding of xlink:href for repeated elements was reported 
by Alistair in the CSIRO Jira:

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