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Wed Aug 24 19:47:17 EDT 2011

Well done Gilly,
A reminder to all that the instances we agreed to produce are listed at:

As far as I can tell the slightly modified Testbed4 WFS Alistair set up to 
deliver GeoSciML v3.0, GeoSciML v2.0 and GeoSciML-Portrayal from GSV test 
data is still valid - at least XMLSpy validates the results (

However, the WFS doesn't use the GeoSciML name spaces Gilly listed, only 
xmlns:cgu="http://xmlns.geosciml.org/Utilities/3.0" and  xmlns:gsml30="
Presumably using the top level GeoSciML-Core namespace means not having to 
use the other namespaces:

Or are the query results invalid?

Note that the results contain the GeoSciML v3.0 features:
Along with the GeoSciML-Portrayal features:

I'd appreciate any errors any of you notice with these examples.

Bruce Simons
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Dear GeoSciMLers,

I've now posted the new schemas on http://schemas.geosciml.org/
(I've removed the geosciml.xsd for rc3 for the reasons detailed in Ollie's 
email below)

Enjoy drafting the v3.0 instance documents!


Dr Guillaume Duclaux

Research Team Leader
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

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Dear all,

The RC3 schemas (attached) are ready for upload to schemas.geosciml.org<
http://schemas.geosciml.org> and instance doc testing.  I have added in 
all the required nil/nilReason elements to the schemas generated by 
Francois in FullMoon, and tested every class, attribute and association in 
test instance docs.  I have also made some minor model and schema tweaks 
where I found some missing tags or other UML oversights. *

Note that we have not produced an umbrella "geosciml.xsd" schema due to 
the issues with namespaces described by Bruce a while ago.  Instance docs 
will now need to use the schemas from each of the separate GeoSciML 
application schema packages.

Could everyone please re-acquaint themselves with the instance document 
list at 
https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/CGIModel/EdinburghModelAgendaAndNotes - 
(Point 17. Schedule for publication and testing of GeoSciML v3 (rc3) and 
GeoSciML-Portrayal v1).  We are 1 week behind that schedule due to 
unforeseen northern hemisphere holidays.

Cheers, and happy XML encoding,

Ollie Raymond
Geoscience Australia

* One more update is still to be done in the LaboratoryAnalysis UML 
package, and will be done when I recover my laptop from a virus infection 
over the weekend.   Virus 1 - McAfee nil.

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