[auscope-geosciml] Opportunity for a presentation at GML4 workshop

Simon.Cox at csiro.au Simon.Cox at csiro.au
Mon Aug 29 20:56:04 EDT 2011

Colleagues - at the upcoming OGC Technical Committee meeting in Boulder day one will be taken up by a workshop on the future of GML.
The draft agenda has just been published. It includes this item:

"10'-15' each Presentations from communities using GML (OGC DWGs and communities not represented in OGC)"
With the following gloss
"Presentations should focus on

 *   which parts of GML they are using/supporting
 *   what in GML works well for them/their community
 *   issues they have with the current version
 *   additional capabilities that would help them "
It may be appropriate to prepare a few slides on a perspective from GeoSciML - what's good, what's challenging, what's bad.
Since it is a GML workshop the focus should be on the encoding rather than the services architecture, but a little leakage is probably OK.
I will be happy to present, or maybe someone else who is currently more active in the group is already looking into this.


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