[auscope-geosciml] Vocabulary files on resource.geosciml.org c.w. in Subversion

Sen, Marcus A. mase at bgs.ac.uk
Wed Aug 31 04:53:54 EDT 2011

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> 1. swe:codespace is byReference only, and it should reference the
> MappedFeatureObservationMethod201012.rdf classifierscheme (on the
> subversion at
> https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/CGI_CDTGVocabulary/tags/SKOSVoc
> abularies).
>                 <swe:codespace
> xlink:href="http://resource.geosciml.org/classifierscheme/cgi/201012/ma
> ppedfeatureobservationmethod"/>
Is there a reason the file at http://resource.geosciml.org/classifierscheme/cgi/201012/mappedfeatureobservationmethod is different from the file in Subversion at https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/CGI_CDTGVocabulary/tags/SKOSVocabularies/MappedFeatureObservationMethod201012.rdf ? The former appears to be a minimal summary of the vocab just listing the concepts that belong to it whereas the latter includes more properties of each concept. Where did the file at http://resource.geosciml.org/classifierscheme/cgi/201012/mappedfeatureobservationmethod come from?

Is the https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/CGI_CDTGVocabulary/tags/SKOSVocabularies/ directory now *the* place to look for versions of the vocabularies to use in our instance docs?


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