[auscope-geosciml] FullMoon default register and classmaps revised

Simon.Cox at csiro.au Simon.Cox at csiro.au
Wed Jan 12 04:47:11 EST 2011

Dear FullMoon users:

I have spent much of this arvo updating the Classmaps and default FullMoon register.
This was necessary because

(a)    The default register was constructed when the geology informatics community was the primary target of FullMoon, so it was assumed that everyone would be using the GeoSciML classmaps

(b)   The latter have now gotten a lot more complex, and I'm no longer maintaining them, so it seemed to be the right time to decouple these from the main FullMoon distribution

(c)    The ISO and OGC models in the HollowWorld distribution have been substantially refactored and packages renamed, requiring a number of updates to the related  classmaps

(d)   There have been a few recent releases that needed to get reflected into the FullMoon distribution (SWE Common 2.0, O&M 2.0)
I've done my best, but there has been no real testing yet.
But the old set was broken anyway, so it seemed to me that it was worth committing the update so we can find the bugs in practice.
There are a few others on these lists who can fix bugs that might be found, so don't rely only on me.

*** If you are even an occasional FullMoon user, then make sure you are subscribed to the FullMoon mailing list for mutual support ***


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